We Provide Computer and Laptop, Mobile Phone and Tablets, Television, Electronic Equipment, GHD Repair, Gaming Consoles Repairs

We have an experience of up to 20 years in repairing electronics devices and appliances. Mahtech can Repair all types of electronics devices including computers, mobile phones, TVs, all types of Audio systems, GHDs, Gaming consoles, Cameras, Car radios, Sat Nav system, TV Boxes, PCB circuits diagnosis, Washing machine and refrigerators electronics controllers and All types of commercial appliances. We care about your device’s maintenance. We believe in NO FIX, NO FEE. Pay only when your equipment is running perfectly.



Computer and Laptop repairs & services includes:

  • Screen replacement.
  • Laptop keyboard repairs, keyboard replacement.
  • motherboard repair or replacement.
  • Laptop power socket loose, broken or not powering on.
  • Hard drive, memory, power adaptor battery and CD/DVD drive replacement.
  • Internet or Wireless connection problem.
  • Parts replacement.
  • Computer hardware.
  • Computer slow, unstable, freezing, crashing issues and boot up issues.
  • Overheating issues.
  • Blue screen of death errors.
  • Virus removal, Spyware removal and Malware removal.
  • Repair constant restart.
  • Drive cloning.
  • Memory upgrades.


Mobile phones and tablets repairs & services includes:

  • Touch Screen Digitizer Replacement for Android and iOS Phones.
  • LCD Screen Replacement for Android and iOS Cracked Phone screens.
  • Liquid Damage Repair
  • Home or Power Button Replacement
  • Back Cover and Battery Replacement
  • USB and Charging Port Replacement
  • Microphone and Earpiece Replacement
  • Unlocking Android and iOS Phones.
  • Backlight Repair
  • Network Signals or Wi-Fi Issues.


We can repair your broken and Cracked Tv screen. It doesn’t matter where you purchased your television, we can fix the problem at our Repair & Service Centre.You can call us to book a TV Repair, then we will arrange a suitable time your repair. You can drop your TV at our Centre anytime during working hours and you can also Contact Us to pick up your TV if you are living in the same city. We ask for an upfront fee which is for labour and delivery cost. We will give you a quote about your Television repair. If you will be happy, then we will continue to repair your TV.If you continue with the repair and we cannot fix your TV, we will refund all your money in full. When the repair is completed, your television will be tested and will be ready to be picked up by you. If you want us to deliver your TV back to your home. We will be happy to do so.Most common problems are:
  • Screen problems.
  • Missing pixels.
  • Not Turning on
  • Audio/ Video problems.
  • Tuning issues.
  • PCB issues.


Car Radios, CD/MP3/DVD Player, Buffer Amplifier, Sat Nav system, DJ Sound System Equipment, Hi-Fi System and Power Amplifier.

Mahtech has been repairing audio systems on behalf of most main brand manufacturers for over twenty years. We also do fitting service of car stereo CD / DVD system, speakers, amplifier and buffers in cars.

  • Hi-Fi repairs.
  • Stereo repairs.
  • Amplifier repairs.
  • DJ Equipment.
  • Mixer Decks repairs.
  • CD/MP3/DVD player repairs.
  • Tape Deck repairs.
  • Video repairs.
  • Sat Nat System Repairs.
  • Sound Bar repairs and many more.

Common Faults repaired:

  • No Power / Blowing Fuses.
  • No Sound / Distorted Sound.
  • CD not playing / CD Skipping.
  • Radio Faulty.
  • Chewing Tapes.
  • Record Player Faulty.

GHD Repair

Mahtech also offer GHD repair service. We Have Been fixing GHD Hair Straighteners for Over 15 Years. All repair parts come with 3 months warranty. Just Bring your GHD straightener at our shop and get it repaired We can fix it in no time. 90% of all GHDs are repairable by us we will inform you if they cannot be repaired. If you cannot come to our store, just contact us and send the straightener to us by post. We will send it back to you after fixing it. For more information, please Contact Us.

Gaming Consoles Repair

Mahtech is also Game Console Repair Centre. Get your any model of the PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo game units repaired by us. We can provide free estimate for the cost of repair. For more information, Contact us.  

OtherRepairing Services we provide

  • Cameras Repairs (CCTV, Handy Cams, Camcorders, Digital Cameras etc.)
  • Fob and Car key button Repairs
  • TV Boxes such as Sky and Digital freeview Repairs.
  • Microwaves, vacuum, hoover and types of commercial appliances Repairs
  • PCB circuits diagnosis and repairs
  • Washing Machines and Refrigerators Electronics Controller repairs.
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